About MDU

Dr. Cindy M.P. Duke has long wondered, “what happens if she, along with allied expert clinicians and scientists, could push conversations about taboo topics that especially affected menstruating individuals to the forefront?”

The answer? A revolution like My Dynamic Uterus!

My Dynamic Uterus is a movement that addresses conversations about the health, dynamic power, astonishing capabilities, and interconnected functions of the human uterus, ovaries, the hormonal system, and our microbiome. Triggered by the question, “Did You Know That Your Period is a Vital Sign; just like your Blood Pressure, Oxygen Levels and Heart Rate?”, this club was launched by Dr. Cindy in December 2020 and it is intended to explore the mysteries, outcries, often unheard and sometimes unpopular dialogues of people born with a uterus, ovaries, or those who care for them, through diverse and guided perspectives; from expert professionals and affected individuals around the globe.

Charged with this imperative to raise awareness and uplift the health, respect, and vitality of menstruators and their loved ones, My Dynamic Uterus was established in the newfangled social media platform, Clubhouse to serve as a community for open-minded individuals, from all walks of life, who advocate for the health of every menstruating person; especially those who are often unheard and disenfranchised.

As a Follower and Member of this Club, you will discover that there is no better day to dive deeper into the underlying conditions, controversies, misconceptions, and realities of human reproduction. Dr. Cindy believes that the human uterus represents a launchpad for conversations about new beginnings — including new creations, new ideas, new relationships, and of course… life, when desired.

Solidifying its purposeful impact and influence, the club has more than twelve thousand combined followers and members who eagerly engage with Dr. Cindy and the featured speakers’ on a weekly basis to put forth evidence-based conversations about the following subjects:

• Health of Menstruating Persons
• Periods
• Fertility & Infertility
• Fibroids
• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
• Endometriosis
• Adenomyosis
• Miscarriages
• Pregnancy
• Hormones
• Reproductive Microbiome
• Reproductive Inflammatory System
• Healthcare Disparities
• Treatments & Public Health
• Reproductive Nutrition

America’s Only Dual-Accredited Fertility Expert & Virologist, Med tech & Scientific Advisor and Social Media Coach & Business Strategist for Health Professionals

My Dynamic Uterus Club was founded by Dr. Cindy M.P. Duke, MD, PhD, FACOG — America’s only Dual Fertility Expert and Virologist. Dr. Cindy is a Johns Hopkins and Yale Trained Physician-Scientist and Entrepreneur who is Board Certified in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Fellowship trained in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI), and has a PhD in Virology. Dr. Cindy is the Physician Founder, Medical Director, and Lab Director of the Nevada Fertility Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

As a Physician Executive, Scientific Advisor, Medical Advisor and Philanthropist. Dr. Cindy has served on a number of hospital boards and she is also a contributor and member of the Women’s Health Advisory Council (WHAC) for Healthywomen.org, a Medical Advisor for Proov, a member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory board for CONFIRMD by Buddy Cheque and a member of the Forbes Business Council. Dr. Cindy is also the current Leader of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs. Dr. Cindy has been (and continues to be) the beneficiary of many outstanding mentors/role models throughout her career. As a result, outside of her clinical work and research, Dr. Cindy understands the value of giving back to her community which she views as the global village.

One facet of Dr. Cindy’s extracurricular work includes outreach to women and girls to encourage/foster their continued interest in careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Dr. Cindy is the Host and Producer of the ‘Girl Powered Success & Survival International’ (aka GriPSSI) Podcast which is aimed at highlighting the work and dynamic career paths of women and girls around the globe! You can find and subscribe to the GriPSSI podcast on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Liberated Syndication, Listen Notes, Deezer, and Radio Public. Dr. Cindy is also the Producer of a number of informative online programs aimed at debunking myths surrounding Fertility/Infertility amongst Men and Women in the Diaspora and those within the LGBT community! Dr. Cindy is also actively creating and curating information about the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus and COVID-19, for the general public.